Download free version Screenr Fullscreen Parallax WordPress theme

Screenr Fullscreen Parallax WordPress Theme with a normal loading speed well optimise for SEO and very user friendly theme with nice and mobile plus PC friendly interface. You can download screenr WordPress free theme to your blog. How to Know the theme any WordPress site is Using This theme of good for business blogs e.g […]

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Apple Iphone7 photo Gallery price and specification

Have you ever heard about Apple Iphone7 the most expensive and anticipated mobile phone of the year ? Have you ever seen how it looks if yes or no am going to show you here because many people think the phone should be as big as the phone price. IPHONE7 PHOTO GALLERY CamonC9 price in […]

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Feedly seo responsive blogger template

Donwload Feedly SEO responsive blogger template for multi-niche blogs

Feedly is a responsive blogger template which can be used for fashion blog, entertainment blogs, food and health niches ,tech and tutorial blogs and many other blogging niches regarding it features. This feedly blogger template has been customized to fit any screen size both PC , tablet, and other screen sizes even without any manual […]

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Can Foreigners Buy Real-Estate in the United states (USA)?

As the real estate market in the U.S. has made a strong indication of recovery, some outside of the United States have begun to look again at American real estate investments as a possibility. This leads some to wonder, though, whether it is even possible for a foreigner to buy real estate in the U.S.? […]

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Glo Data bundle Charts and universal subscription code

Just like Ariel have awoof subscription codes so also Glo network render very cheap and affordable services Let me show you how glo data rocks so as to know what to do before your next subscription date.Bellow is the Glo data bundle stat How to transfer credit on Airtel network To subscribe to any of […]

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About Carbon_Stepinscience (guest post)

This is A guest post by Oladoye MosesCEO: Stepinscience Carbon has been well known as non- metals in which the lay-man knows it has Charcoal. The Natural forms of carbons are graphite and diamond in which coal is its impure form and petroleum is its combined state. The word “ Organic Chemistry” is the chemistry […]

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add extra didgits to your mobile number

How to add three additional extra digits to your phone number

Perhaps you have been seeing some strange and unfamiliar mobile numbers on Facebook or other forums just imagine someone telling you to call him on 00923466100561 and you begin yo wander why must he use such number in Nigeria and it will still connect normal without any issue. Today let me show you how you […]

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difference between spamming and scamming

Difference between spamming scamming and phishing

the word spamming and scamming plus phishing are very confusing to newbies most of them are using the word interchangeably forgotten they have a differ meaning. In this posts am going to show you illustrations pointing to the differences so you can know how you can use the word spamming, phishing and scamming either in […]

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December ATM -BVN scammers tricks is out beware(read now)

Now December is here Everybody wants to buy new wears. They want to make their babes look nice, they want to be the best guys in town they want to shine with peoples money and they say it’s softwork, be ware of scammers They are seriously in need of money especially now that MMM has […]

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How to Put AdSense code conversion tool in your blogger site

originally if you copy your AdSense code it can only work in your blogger HTML/JavaScript section including the post editor area but if you put the code in your blogger template after saving you will see error message. So the process of making your AdSense code to work in your blogger template without showing you […]

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Reasons Why your AdSense earning remain stagnant while your clicks increase

You keep checking your Google AdSense daily but all you could see is the earning from CPM,Impressions and the rest your clicks earning remain stagnant while clicks keep increasing. if you are facing this same problem highlighted above it will affect your earning negatively since the clicks is the most crucial aspect where more earning […]

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