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Download Current Naijaloaded blogger template for free

I know , i believe and i am aware you have longed been looking for the current Naijaloaded Blogger Template/theme for your blogger site to get awesome design and outlook for your blog. This Naijaloaded Current theme goes with Thumbnails preview for ever latest updates , clean side bars and other features such as below. […]

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Download Sora Cart SEO responsive online store blogger template

Creating Online store or E-commence website on blogger is just as possible as it is in WordPress platform but with varieties of functionalities. One of the property you need in creating online store in blogger platform is a responsive blogger online store template or theme which am going to share with you in this article. […]

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How to Change Facebook Date of Birth after Limit

After Changing Your Facebook Date of Birth over and over again you notice that you won’t be able to do that again having exceeded the limit to which date of birth can be changed . Because of this reason many Facebook users has left fake dates to be their date of birth but today am […]

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