How to Add Pinterest Latest pins Widget to Blogger website

Add Pinterest Widget to Blogger, Blogger Pinterest pin Widget blogspot Since 2012 Pinterest Pins Blogger Widget has been made available to enable you display Your Pinterest pins on your blogspot website using a Pinterest made blogger widget. You can easily ads the Pinterest Blogger widget to your blogger sitebar or footer to enable easy access. […]


How to show Blogger Posts By Labels

Display Blogger post from particular label,show recent posts from particular blogger label It’s commonly Known that in Blogger, Articles are only Displayed Randomly from all labels or blogger Categories. e.g Blogger recent posts, blogger latest posts, blogger most popular posts and others. all of the above mentioned blogger widgets show post randomly from all blogspot […]

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How to Add Recent post Image Gallery widget To your Blogger website

What is Blogger Recent Post Image Gallery? Blogspot Recent Post Gallery is a blogger widget which displays the thumbnails of your Recent articles according to the number of thumbnails display set on your blogspot Gallery code/widget. The recent post Images that will be displayed are clickable to the post they image belongs. I.e if You […]

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