4 Basic Principles On How To Market Your Fresh Created Android App Successful.

meilleures-applications-android 4 Basic Principles On How To Market Your Fresh Created Android App Successful.

If you are a developer and you developed an app, you must market it.

Marketing is the backboneof any business.

Without exposure, you won’t sell your product.

How To Market An App Successfully
Following are the steps to get started:

1. Upload It To More Than One Store, If you have developed a new app and you would like to market it, then publish it on more than One Store.

Google’s Play is the best marketplace for Android. But there are several other outlets that you need to consider.

For instance, Amazon Appstore, SlideMe, and GetJar are a few examples.

Every one of these is an excellent opportunity to spread the word about your work.

These are potential places. So, don’t miss the opportunity to sell and uploading an app on multiple is of the best app marketing strategies.

2. Get Your Work Reviewed
Having featured reviews on Mobile App or tech sites is an effective way to promote your appand is another excellent to market your Android mobile app.

If you have developed an android app, it means you are entertaining the Android-focused community.

Therefore, you should spread the good word about your work.

Get your app featured on publishes which specialize in reviewing Android apps or research services.

You can pay them to test your app and write a review.

To submit your app,you better create a document which contains the link to your app in an app store.

Write a paragraph which will summarize what your app doesn’t and for whom you designed it.

Don’t forget to add some screenshots from inside of your app coupled with instructions for how to download it for free.

The reviewer will evaluate your app and write about its quality, usability art, function and overall (convenience).

3. Boost Visibility of App in Google Play Getting your app online on Google Pace is not enough, you need to try and get it ranked higher.

Use SEO because the Google Play Store pretty much works like the search engine.

Optimize your app with the right keyword and information for usersto search and find it on the app store.

Search does matter, and according to a recent, almost 80% of high-quality organic downloads of Google Play Store comes from research. So, you must put the main keyword in App’s Title, use it at least five times in the description.

Encourage good reviews, and ratings. The store although will take these things into account and rank your app accordingly.

If you don’t know how to write the description, you can always hire an essay writerto help you out!

4. Use Social Media Social Networking sitesare a WMD when it comes to market your business.

They gave a stiff competition to traditional marketing strategies.

So, if you have an android app to promote, design a clever marketing campaign and assure social media is a part of it.

Doing this will help you drive high traffic.

What makes social media an effective tool for marketing is its very cost effective.

It helps you cost-effectively reach the right audience.

To start with, you have to join android focused groups that cater to both users and developers.

They will make sure you get the word out to the right people.


After development, every app needs aggressive marketing, and when it’s about Android app, it has to compete with other 2.1 million apps available in the market. With the right tactics and new app marketing strategies, anyone can make the most out of it.

For more information on ‘App Marketing Tips, you can comment below and we at MobileAppDaily,will try to assist you with the same.

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