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Carbon has been well known as non- metals in which the lay-man knows it has Charcoal. The Natural forms of carbons are graphite and diamond in which coal is its impure form and petroleum is its combined state.

The word “ Organic Chemistry” is the chemistry of Carbon and its compound. Carbon and all its compounds are well emphasized in Organic Chemistry.

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Allotropy is the ability of an element (carbon) to exist in different forms in the same physical state. Allotropes of carbon are in two forms; crystalline and non-crystalline forms. The crystalline form constitutes the natural forms which are; diamond and graphite , while the non- crystalline forms consist of coke, coal, charcoal etc. Cleared isn’t it? Stepinscience


Diamond as the name implies, a pure science substance which cannot be broken by any other material except a diamond, which implies that only a diamond breaks a diamond. It is majorly found in Africa, Venezuela and Siberia. It is octahedral in shape (8 sided). They are bad conductors of heat and electricity, why? cus the molecules which are to be used to conduct electricity are been used in Bond formation. There goes the reason why it is damn hard. It is majorly used in industries for mining due to its hardness, sharpening of tools and when it is been shaped and shined, it is therefore commercially used as jewelry. Gotten that? Great. Please also feel free to comment. Thanks.


The major carbon compound used is graphite, it is been subjected to large amount of heat for a long while using nickel as catalyst. It is high in demand by industries. It became commercially used in the year 1957 . Stepinscience


Graphite is a black opaque solid gotten mainly from China, Austria, Mexico and Sri Lanka. It is formed by the action of volcanic heat which fell on the deposits of coal; just like igneous rock. It is a good conductor of electricity and more reactive.

It is a very soft mineral and hexagonal in shape. It is used on bicycles chain because of its sliding structure. It is also used as electrodes in electroplating (arrangement of metals over the other). It is also used as lead in pencils.

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Briefly talk about the amorphous; Coal, Coke, Carbon black and Charcoal


It was gotten from carboniferous era from which it was guided from decay or spoilage. It began to decay due to the absence of air. Constituents like CO 2 , Water and methane left the coal, leaving a large amount of carbon in it. It is therefore used in power plant for engines and making of chemicals.

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