Airtel Awoof:-Get six times of your recharge to make calls brows or send sms.


Today am bringing a common good news to every Airtel Users irrespective of the Airtel plan you are subscribed to.

how-to-add-your-website-to-airtel-free-basics-1 Airtel Awoof:-Get six times of your recharge to make calls brows or send sms.

USD code to get your Airtel, MTN ,glo and etisalat mobile number

I named it a common Airtel good news simply because it’s very common in the sense that even Airtel officials has hands in distributing this USD code. The good news is that am going to show you how you can turn your Airtel 100Naira Recharge card to 600Naira and 200Naira to 1,200Naira and make it last for 7days I.e one whole week.

That sounds magical but it’s officially announced on every Airtel sim by Airtel official and that shows that this tip is not even against their policies.

Just imagine when you are owing some dept and you don’t ave enough to pay the dept and still have a remainder to make that important call of yours, this will be the best solution because with this Airtel 6× of your recharge the borrowed credits won’t be deducted since the recharge will be credited on your bonus account.

Lol in one of my Airtel Sim cards i have been owing 1000Naira for over 5months now because of this trick and i do use the sim on daily basis. I only load cards using this trick and the balance are always credited to my bonus Account so tell me how will i pay such dept if not just willingly.

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Apart from that ,it’s also helpful to those who works in call centers where people make calls for money….Did you know that you can turn your 200 into 1,200 and earn a better income from it especially when you have plenitude of customers you will even stand chances of earning more.

Its Functions

And lastly the good news again is that you can use this bonus to send messages, Makes calls to all networks in Nigeria, Brows the internet as well.

To achieve this Bonus offer buy the card and recharge it with MTN recharge code Instead of using Airtel recharge code .In detail…..

Originally When you want to recharge airtime on your Airtel line, you will use bellow format *126*Your Pin# e.g *126*35527736628832# but this time around here is how you will recharge the card *555*35527736628832# and your account will be credited based on the amount you recharged.

Hope you find this trick Useful on how to turn your recharge to get 6× bonus on all Airtel line. Please if you care about your pals share with them for sharing is caring They also need to be informed just like you have have just been informed kindly use the share buttons bellow to share the good news and hope for more…………..

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share-medium Airtel Awoof:-Get six times of your recharge to make calls brows or send sms.