All the blogger templates you download are showing you error when uploading see solution here

You hear people say download this template here and there and you download them all but non of them works. After successfully downloaded uploading it will show you error message written in red color. You begin to think if you have downloaded the wrong format or you have made some mistakes so you keep trying and trying but the error remains.

The main reason why you are seeing this error is because your template is in Zip format and zip files are not allowed for blogger template format the only allowed template format in blogger is XML so if your template is not in XML you will definitely see the error

Almost all the blogger templates online are in zip format this is because they contain other properties so you as the user will have to extract just the XML file inside the zip and leave the rest since the XML is what you need.

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In case you don’t know A zip file is like a bookshop and inside the book shop there are many books so you are the one to go there and pick the one you need. If you go about uploading the zip is like picking the whole books inside the shop and you know you can’t read them all or pay the bills that made it very impossible to pick all the books so also applied to a zipped file like the name implies so you have to unzip (open) it and pick what you need then leave the rest.

You cannot make use of zipped file in blogger without unzipping it. zipped files only work on WordPress theme . that’s why every WP theme you download is in zip file and there is no need to unzip it before use since that’s the format they use in WordPress.But mind you there is no way you can use blogger template for WordPress blog neither can you make use of WordPress theme in blogger it will never work because of varieties in properties and Codding languages implemented . Hope you get that!!!!

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Now let me show you simple and easy method to unzip your blogger template and extract the XML file inside it so as to make it work whenever you want to upload it.This tutorial on works for android users because of the application you are going to use which is Apk app.


Download Download Easy Unrar.apk(5Mb)

Install and Lunch the APP by then you should have downloaded your blogger template ready. Now when you open the App you will see it as bellow unzip-blogger-template-with-mobile-phone-1 All the blogger templates you download are showing you error when uploading see solution here

From you files select the zipped template you want to unzip and the next page will show you all the properties the zipped file contains including the XML file. unzipp-blogger-template-with-easy-unrar.apk_ All the blogger templates you download are showing you error when uploading see solution here

Mark the xml file you want to extract and click the extract button beneath the page. And it will show you a new window just OK what ever msg is displayed to continue the next page will show you that your file has been extracted. goodluck now you have bring out the XML from the zipped and the XML is what you are now going to upload.

Just go back to your files and search for it you will see it with the same name as the original zipped file but with different format. You can rename the XML file so that you can easily recognize it when you want to upload it yo your blogger site.

When you want to find it just open your file manager and Click on downloads because you just downloaded it in the download folder unless if you changed your folder when downloading then you can look up to the folders you changed it to you will see the file e.g Kennedy template.xml that is what you are going to upload now not the Kennedy template. zip again which is the original format.

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Now hope you now know how to upload your blogger template to make them work when you just downloaded them . Since you have learnt to unzip files you can also read How to edit your blogger template with mobile phone here

Henceforth i will be recommending some blogger templates for downloads here having learnt how to use them by unzipping so stay tuned and rock with us. But before you exit this page please don’t forget to share this post others might be in need of it just like you were in need of it before . goodday.

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