Beneficiary things You can do with your abandoned websites and domain names

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Abandoned domain names

Have you many abandoned blogs and websites? Probably because you have some interests on the areas of the niche you positioned them, but on the long run you began to loose appetites on operating on these particular projects simply because you have other things that takes the place of your blogging passion on such niches.

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IMG_20170224_163712 Beneficiary things You can do with your abandoned websites and domain names

In most cases when we started this blogs/online projects they tends to be pretty good and and we get new readers daily but later on these same projects are abandoned and left unmanaged out there on the internet. This has been an attitude possessed by plenteous online entrepreneurs.

According to studies, out of over 15.million websites online ,79% are inactive at a moment. That shows that the abandoned websites and blogs/projects online are more plenitude compared to the active ones.

Sometimes when i begin to imagine about this stats it pains me imagining some great blogs or dreamed great blogs termed as ” abandoned” but on the contrary, am happy and sometimes finds joy with the stats because it makes me believe that blogging isn’t as saturated as many bloggers especially the newbies thought it to be.

In more detailed explanations about the above inscription, Many new bloggers are just too muddled about the niche (area of blogging) which which they could start blogging from, having established the fact that all niches are been occupied by great and undefeated bloggers thereby making it crammed and been too competitive for them to find a dwelling. That may be true ,but it may also interest you to know that the Internet is too large to harbour even the whole world as bloggers.So don’t be discouraged to start what you know and you are passionate about because even at the late hour you can become the leading champion as far as blogging is concerned.That’s Just by the way..

Am taking about abandoned websites/blog and what you can really do with them in favour of other leading activities. and before i continue ,let me throw brief light on abandoned blogs/websites in favour of those who still don’t understand what it means.

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Just of recent when i checked my domain hosting provider, i discovered that i ave registered over 10 domain names but to my greatest surprise i only have 3-4 active domain names while other are inactive and abandoned. In other word an abandoned site,online project or domain is the websites or blogs you no longer manage or pay attention to even though they still exist online and may be accessible. This may be for many reasons which varies on individuals perspectives.

Taking myself as a case study, Each time a new idea struck my mind immediately i will work on it with a brand new domain and on the long run most of these domain names are the ones i leave inactive. my major reason is just ” lack of time” which i guess is the mass reason behind most abandoned projects online.

The question banging in your mind now goes like if i have such abandoned blogs/projects online what should i do to them either self beneficiary or just domain reputation benefits? in order to either safe the domain name for future use or make money from the domain

To my own understanding and my little years of online experience, there are four crucial options to choose from if you happen to be a victim of many abandoned projects online and bellow are listed options


  • Renew them and then work on them which will involve time and money.
  • Renew them and then just leave them as they were/are.
  • Let them expire/drop and just totally abandon / forget them.

Now if you renew the domain names associated with the abandoned websites/projects and start working on them again, that may be a good option (1) but what about the time and money which made you abandoned it initially has it been recovered to enable you choose the first option?

The option two says renew and leave!! i love this option if i couldn’t meet up with the requirements for choosing option one, but what makes it seems silly is how can i be paying some amount of yearly fee on what is of no use at a moment.? But looking to the other side ,it may be a considerable option in order to protect the domain name from other domain registrars and also to keep the domain Google friendly with time. as explained in one of my previous posts that one of the factors that facilitates SEO(search engine optimisation ) is time.

Lol Looking at the option three it makes me laugh. That option is for the soul killers hahahaha you never wants the domain to exist again. To me this option is never the best because in most cases the best power of the mind may be kindled about your previous ideas on later basics and when such websites are still active either because you chose option 1or2 then you can easily pick them and work on them any time the power of your mind is kindled again about such dropped niches,ideas and projects, so In that case it will be highly recommended you choose option 1or 2 instead of 3 because someone out there might register the domain if abandoned and left to expired and that will automatically transfer the ownership to the new registrar.

I will say the fourt and last option is a very nice one because you stand a chance of gaining money unlike option 2 where you will have to spend some bucks without any initial gain. Selling websites and domain names has always been my pleasure because it earned me money rather than leaving the sites abandoned and useless someone out there might need them. Like they say “”one mans property is another mans dustbin“” and vice versa.

Sometimes after flipping such domain names and sites only for the new owners to brand them in a more furnished ways and in most cases they becomes the income sources of the new owners and it really pains me to see my wasted ideas been earned with by other bloggers. hmmmmm but in many occasions after flipping my domain names i do get them back if the buyers leave the domain and they expired without renewing them i will then register them again.

Having red through the above write ups i will also inform you that there may probably be no other precise things you can do with your abandoned site/domain names lest for the above options. So for the favour of you and for the conclusion of my write ups i will recommend you consider just option 1 and 4 But if you wants to save the domain for future use then you may also consider option 2 but i will urge you never to consider option 3 unless on checked occasions.


Solution 1 and 4: If you have made a choice on what to do with your abandoned domain or site and you happen to have chosen solution 1 or 4 there are certain things you must do in common to achieve success ,unlike the rest of the options.

In the bellow section of this post am going to show you how to make your old domain name or site/blog pick up again and become champion among the competitive fellows.

Renew them and then work on them which will involve time and money.

==>If it happens that your domain name has expired, kindly pay for the renewal fee either for your domain or hosting make the domain active again as usual.

==>Having renewed your domain name,start publishing new posts on the site even if it’s not on regular basics

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==>Make sure you submit the domain name to Google as you continue with the site again.

==>Share your site on social medias such as Facebook and twitter rampantly on every new article created

==>Listen to your audience,know what they hate and what they love most then pay attention to them.

List them up for sale in places and let someone else buy them.

==>You can sell your websites and domain names on flippa and other online stores. But Facebook social media has been the best market place to me and you can also use Facebook as well to sell your domain names and websites.

==>Before selling your abandoned websites it will be highly advisable you work on it to make it worth better monetary value e.g you can post some original articles to make sure the site rank well on Google and work on it very few time to decrease it Alexa rank and increase daily Page views and also the page rank because these are some of the things that determine the price of a domain/blogs and websites set out for sale.

In addition to the above scrawl on what to do with your abandoned site BLOGEX in 2007 also stated that you can place ads on abandoned sites and make money from them even with less or no visitors. You can read in derails here

So far so long i have discussed solution to abandoned sites,domain/blogs and i believe with the above ,you should be able to figure out something to do with your abandoned site/projects to make it lively again or let it generate some income or secured for future use

In my next post i will be writing on how you can figure out time for blogging even though you are the busy type this will also help you spring up some abandoned sites and increase your online presence in expense of other leading activities so STAY TUNED…..

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