Best Way On How to Set Your Own Streaming Live.

mad_blog_5c0faa5050f981544530512 Best Way On How to Set Your Own Streaming Live.

As the popularity of apps like Netflix and Hulu is rising, more and more people are becoming aware of the role of such video streaming applications.

And the interesting part about this is that the growth of digital media consumption is growing exponentially over the past few years.

It was even reported by App Anniein the year 2017, that the population of TV viewers spent more than 10 billion hours streaming the top ten video/movie streaming apps in just a span of 12 months.

This huge number speaks for itself and acts as a major reason behind the fact that many businesses are now looking forward to creating their own movie streaming app like Netflix.

The reason we are going forward with the example of Netflix and not Amazon Prime or Hulu is that this has become one of the most prominent web as well as mobile appswith a simple yet innovative marketing strategy.

Netflix can also be named as the OG who bought the whole idea of live movie streaming into the business.

The above image is an analytics report that was released by Statista on video streamingservices, which show statistics for streaming apps like HBO Now, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

As you can see, Netflix app for PC is a video streaming service application that is leading all four different segments, making itself a user favorite.

Why Movie Streaming Apps Are Needed?

If we look at present-day scenarios, a majority of people like to spend their free time doing nothing but binge-watching their favorite shows.

And one of the phrases that became highly popular in the year 2018 was ‘Netflix and Chill’ because people consider it as their favorite time to do a movie marathon with their friends and family.

Think of it like this, ‘

What would you do if you had an exhausting day at the office’?

You would want to relax and spend some quality time with your close ones while watching the series that you like.

And now with all the latest technologies that are available for gadgets like Smartphones, as well as Smart TVs, is an excellent mode of entertainment.

The streaming services can be further roughly divided into two categories that are music streaming services and video streaming services.

To make it more clear, Netflix can be classified as a movie/video streaming service while, on the other hand, YouTube can be listed under the umbrella of music streaming services.

The need for such streaming services has now become completely inevitable but the reason question here is ‘What is the future of streaming applications’?

The above graph showcases the rise of video streaming servicesin the upcoming years.

As per the report, it has been predicted that by the end of the year 2021, the total worth of video streaming apps will be more than 10,691 million U.S. dollars.

Working of a Video Streaming App
Basically, Netflix app offers a subscription service that allows users to watch movies and TV show series on many different platforms.

Today, it is also the biggest on-demand video service with a gigantic database filled with hundreds and thousands of movies of all genres.

By paying a monthly fee, users can enjoy an unlimited supply of their favorite shows and films, this is the main part that keeps the users highly engaged in the content that is provided by Netflix.

This video streaming app is compatible with a wide range of devices on various OS ( Operating System) which also includes Smart TV, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, PC and Mac OS.

The Netflix app for PC can be easily downloaded from app stores, the first of this mobile live streaming app can be availed for free, but after the trial period is over a fixed fee is required per month.

Once the monthly subscription is automated, the purchases are then integrated into the app itself.

The above image throws light on a step-by-step building strategy to build an app that is similar to a movie streaming app like Netflix. From choosing the niche to shortlisting a suitable platform, there are many steps that need to be considered in the development process of this mobile application.

Although Netflix is constantly adding new content to their active end-users, the features of the Netflix movie streaming app cover a broader perspective such as:

*. The user can list the content in their already existing library or even use an integrated search feature of the mobile live streaming app.

*.Due to the CineMatch system, Netflix app for Mac can now offer users some new TV shows & films according to their preferences.

*. This video streaming app makes it possible to create up to five separate profiles in a single Netflix app for Android and iOS accounts.

*. Netflix is one of those mobile video streaming apps that offer a lot of streaming videos.

This feature of adding various profiles in a single account can come in handy in providing access to your family and friends so that they can access a personalized experience with Netflix, which is further built on the basis of their own preferences.

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