Oppo Launched New Product circle RENO.

Just when you thought Oppo was done with the sub-brands and product lineups, the company managed to surprise us once more. OPPO has announced that it will launch a smartphone under new Reno series on April 10th. This is rumored to be the company’s flagship smartphone, after the Find X series, and some reports say […]

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2019 Best wrist Watches Very Affordable you Can Buy

1. Joygift Bluetooth Smart Watch (GT08-Black). This is a very comfortable watch to use. Plus it is very simple to manage. It functions in several ways as you are able to call or send text messages through a sim card. It aids your smartwatch needs by providing features like Bluetooth, pedometer, calories calculation, sedentary remind, […]

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Guide to Clear Your Trace/Activities From History in Windows.

Part of the features of the Windows operating system, particularly the windows 10, is saving your activity history. Activity history which includes: Edge web browsing history, Bing search history, Location data, and Cortana voice commands. In this article, we are going to learn how to delete your activity history on windows machines. Article Map *. […]

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Google Planning with UBA to Establish Free Internet For Customers.

Google said it will roll out the initiative in 200 locations in five cities across Nigeria by the end of 2019. Google Station, a platform for providing free, high-speed Wi-Fi hotspots in public places, began in Lagos last year, and extended to Abuja in December in partnership with Backbone Connectivity Network. This google-powered initiative would […]

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Best Top Manufacturing Company In Nigeria 2019.

* Dangote Dangote Group is owned by the richest man in Africa by the name of Aliko Dangote and the company happens to be the biggest there is among the many industries available in the whole of west Africa. Dangote Group was established in the year 1981 and it was originally a trading venture that […]

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Fastest way to Put Music On your Instagram Stories.

Most Instagram Stories are accessed with the sound on, as per what Brandwatch said. And songs can be an exciting way to shock and amaze sound-on watchers. There are so many ways to add music to an Instagram Story. One is by using Instagram’s Music sticker and another is by adding music to your video […]

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2019 Hot cheap Data plans for Mobile Phones and Pc.

You are going to need a lot of data this month this is why we have compiled the below for you as the cheapest data plan for February 2019. MTN MTN newly unveiled new cheap data plans which in my opinion is one of the cheapest just like Glo. You can get 1GB for N200 […]

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NEW: Samsung 1TB Space chip now available for smartphone.

Samsung Electronics announcedthe industry’s first 1TB eUFS 2.1 (embedded Universal Flash Storage) for smartphones. This 1TB embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) will allow smartphones to offer 1TB of internal storage space without the need for expandable microSD storage. Samsung Galaxy 10+ may likely be the first phone to feature it. “The 1TB eUFS is expected […]

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How to Disable Government and AMBER Alerts on iPhone

You’re probably familiar with the AMBER and Government Alerts that sometimes appear on your iPhone and they can be hugely beneficial. We wouldn’t recommend it, but you can disable them. Here, we’re going to tell you how to do it. Disabling both AMBER and general Government Alerts is a reasonably easy thing to do if […]

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How Facebook Finally Start a Work On LoL being another Hub for Teens.

There’s no denying the fact that Facebook is struggling to attract teenage smartphone users in large numbers. Its recent attempts like Lasso, Watch, or Lasso were either half-baked or they didn’t turn out to be much effective. Still, it seems that Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t given up. According to a report from TechCrunch, Facebook is secretly […]

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Android Best App for Scanning in 2019.

The invention of scanner apps for Androidhas simplified the whole process of scanning documents. With scanner apps, scanning documents can be done on the go, without being subjected to using large desktop scanners. The advancement of smartphone cameratechnology fostered the existence of app scanners. Direct comparisons between scanner apps and desktop scanners, has shown that […]

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Simple Trick To Recover Deleted Photos on Android.

Deleting unwanted photos from our smartphones is a norm, but when you mistakenly delete needed photos along with the unwanted ones, a problem arises. Imagine a scenario where you mistakenly deleted all the photos you took on your vacation. Sounds painful right? well, this happens every day. With this regular occurrence, learning how to recover […]

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Smart Way to Revoke Face ID Access For Apps

Face ID is a great addition to iPhone and iPad, and it still feels like magic every time it works. But, just like Touch ID before it, you may need to prevent apps from using it Here’s how to do that. If you’ve permitted a third-party app to use Face ID as its authentication mechanism, […]

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Lenovo Unveils Google Assistant Smart Clock and Alexa Tablet with Dock

At CES 2019, Lenovo has introduced two new smarthome products: the Smart Clock with Google Assistant and the Smart Tab with Alexa. The former is sort of a mini version of the company’s existing Smart Display, while the latter is a tablet and Echo Show in one. The Smart Clock has a 4-inch display and […]

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Huawei MateBook 13: A Sleek 13-Inch Ultrabook in a 12-Inch Body

We rounded out the first day at CES 2019 with a trip to Huawei’s booth. The Chinese company had announced the new MateBook 13 less than 24 hours earlier, and we wanted to check it out. The first thing struck us was how gorgeous the device looked. With a sleek and stylish sandblasted cover, the […]

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How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Home Security Camera

Setting up a simple home security camera is a sure way to monitor your house when you’re not around. A dedicated system is great, but economically, you can use an old, spare smartphone that you have around. Notwithstanding, you can also purchase an indoor camera that is actually made for such purpose. For example, we […]

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Google Launches Doodle for Google 2019

Google has launched its Doodle for Google contest for 2019. The theme for Doodle for Google 2019 is, “When I grow up, I hope…”, with kids across the United States invited to take part. The ultimate prize being pride of place on the Google homepage. A Brief History of Doodle for Google Doodles have been […]

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How to Change Suggested Videos On YouTube

You must have noticed that after a video ends on YouTube, a grid appears on your screen showing you suggested videos that you might be interested in watching. YouTube automatically chooses these suggestions, as per your browsing history, quality and the popularity of videos among the audience. You will also see suggested videos on your […]

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