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December ATM -BVN scammers tricks is out beware(read now)

Now December is here Everybody wants to buy new wears. They want to make their babes look nice, they want to be the best guys in town they want to shine with peoples money and they say it’s softwork, be ware of scammers They are seriously in need of money especially now that MMM has shifted their money from they are curiously sorting out other methods to meet up. how-to-avoid-been-scammed-online2BScam-alert December ATM -BVN scammers tricks is out beware(read now)

how to identify and avoid online scammers

Ways through which scammers can steal your ATM card details

I was just relaxing in my one bedroom apartment this evening doing my usual blogging stuffs when a message landed on my phone. I was like ooo God all this Network providers again has started so i picked my phone and opened the message behold what i saw.

Dear Customer due to BVN and system upgrade your ATM card has been Deactivated to reactivate kindly call our help center on 0092349064494044. The message was sent from +2349065516581

Seeing the above message i knew they are scammers because am a blogger and i have known how many of them rocks so i have to confirm in order to build a better write up. The number rang and a male picked my call and the conversation began

I explained to him the theme of the message and he apologised for the inconvinces just like normal customer attenders (i was watching ) he ask me when last i used my ATM card and i lied to him _For about two weeks or so. and he further asked how much am saving with them( pretending to be Eco bank customer care.)

how to withdraw money with your ATM card

But what baffles me was that he told me to call the digits at the back of my ATM card which you know quite well is not to be disclosed **** at this junction i canceled the call since i have gotten a tip of what i wanted i wouldn’t like to continue wasting my airtime for useless gists.

Now let us analyst the above inscription.


√-First the message landed around 6pm (bank don’t work at that time) i called him and he picked my call and he said he wanted to help me but if i may ask from his house or from the office because bank is closed at that time.

√-The number i called was not Eco bank customer care but he pretended to be Eco bank customer care. At the beginning of the conversation he asked me which bank am using ? why should he as when he is ECo bank customer care?

√-The message shouldn’t have landed in that manner there should be a tip of personality added to the message e.g Dear Kennedy Prosper Or Dear Eco bank subscriber

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√-Assuming i have claimed to me using Zenith or other banks he would have also claimed to be other customer care with the same number.

√-The message landed on a number that is not even attached to my bank account ( the use Bulk SMS ) that’s why they can’t be specific they aren’t real.

√-Why should he ask for my ATM card number because he is a scammer if not he should have to me to come to the bank for the verification .

√-He shouldn’t have asked first for my ATM number he should go like what is your bank name, account number and the rest

With all of the above facts you should know that scammers are out there looking for Xmas money so beware lest they withdraw all your money from your bank without your notice. To me i knew it is scam the first time the message landed on my phone but i need all this write ups to help my readers that’s why i called him to get more tips

Label the above numbers or any other number that may send such message as spam don’t take heed to them don’t even try to call them just ignore them. Please share with others your friends and families need this.

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