Difference between A prepaid and Postpaid customer (network)

prepaid and postpaid

It look very confusing especially when you want to sign up for some network services they begin to that the services you are opted for is not for prepaid customers and vise versa. In my precious post am informing you i discussed something you may want to know as well which are

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difference-between-prepaid-and-postpaid-customer Difference between A prepaid and Postpaid customer (network)

Back to our today’s topic. The truth is that their is but one plain difference between this two services (prepaid and postpaid) which is

A PostPaid Customer can use services then later pay for the services consumed e.g can buy bundles even without paying but all charges will be accumulated may to the end of the month while he will pay all together based on how much services he was able to consume.all they do is send you how much you have consumed at the end of the month in your mobile phone as alert them you will have to pay your bills

This Postpaid service is mostly used by business men and organisations who wouldn’t want instant payment. They only pay the bills in total of all they have used. Though can be used by individuals and students as well but not of lower classes.

A PrePaid Customer is the one that pays before using any service and i think that’s the one you are opted for now because it’s very common and its the default on every new sim you purchase .

This service is good for students who hardly can get money to pay monthly bills . with this service they can select any option of their choice and pay for it immediately and when they don’t have such fund they will be immediately notified.

Having know about the difference between a postpaid and prepaid customers I.e A postpaid pay after use while a prepaid pay before use, i will also let you know that becoming a postpaid customer can’t be done using your mobile phone there are some procedures you must take and this will require you going to your service providers offices closer to you.Maybe in my next post i will be teaching on how to opt in as MTN postpaid customer so stay tuned

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