Difference between spamming scamming and phishing

difference between spamming and scamming

the word spamming and scamming plus phishing are very confusing to newbies most of them are using the word interchangeably forgotten they have a differ meaning. In this posts am going to show you illustrations pointing to the differences so you can know how you can use the word spamming, phishing and scamming either in your conversations or in your write ups differences-between-scamming-spamming-phishing Difference between spamming scamming and phishing

Hackers can steal your ATM card through….

ATM-BVN scam alert please beware_read here


I am a regular kingsweb visitor so visited kingsweb.com.ng as usual and i saw a new banner boldly displayed in the front page with the writeup up “Buy Google AdSense at a Cheap rate” I clicked on the banner and Kennedy prosper was the one selling the AdSense so i took his contact from the sales page and called him and he told me to pay and drop my email which i did but after payment he has refused to give me the AdSense for over 2weeks now That is example of scamming and the person who scammed you is the scammer and you that is scammed is the scammed victim

A page was created pretending to be online shop so i went to the page and unknowingly inserted my card details wanting to purchase the goods displayed and my card details was stolen by hackers who hacked into my account and stole all my money (that process of collecting your card details through an online page is called phishing)

Mr james blog about business deals and gists and he allows comments so on his last post his headline was about How to do business with white men in Nigeria people began to comment what they think about the post but only for me to come in and start commenting how to Download Olamide new released with my site Link attached to the page. That is called Spamming.

In summary phishing is a process where some details are stolen from you online creating a page similar to an original page e.g Facebook phishing site for collecting Facebook details(i knew it was a phishing page so i didn’t login)

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scamming is promising a task and after payment or completing the deal they ran away with your money without fulfilling promise ( Online scammers are out there especially this December )

spamming is commenting or posting unrelated ideas to someones write ups or websites (Olamide is spamming my site with his links i will delete him soon)

With the above illustration hope you can now differentiate between the three words? Spamming, Scamming and Phishing.Dont forget that the above write up is just an illustration here we don’t phish , scam or spam we love our readers and thats why we are trusted clients any one can do business deals with withouth any issue.

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