Different Types of bloggers in the blogging field (know yourself)

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Have you ever for once thought of the types of bloggers in this blogosphere? What type of blogger are you? There seem to be lots of noise off late all in the name of blogging. And with blogging taking centre stage in various lives, I would love to walk you through the types of bloggers we have in this world.

And I do hope I wouldn’t be bothering you with this boring post of mine.

I really do feel lazy completing this post of mine and with more 101 distractions taking place right where I’m writing from, I do believe I do have all the excuses in this world not to complete this post of mine.

Hahaha! Anyway, let us move back to business as usual and of course dissect the issue on board.The beauty and money blogging brings is what of course what drives many in drones in the blogging world. Now the question is, what kind of blogger are you? I mean what types of bloggers do we have? Let the class begin.

Please those Indians at the back should stop singing and those Nigerians should off the generator as there is light here. Hahaha! The class will begin in no time. Your teacher is ready and so are the students; I hope so.

blogger Different Types of bloggers in the blogging field (know yourself)1. NOISY BLOGGERSThe first type of blogger I want to talk about is the noisy blogger. This blogger rarely makes an impact with his blog but goes about calling himself a blogger with little or nothing at all to show on his blog.

I have seen lots of noisy bloggers in this blogosphere who are very much not concentrating on their blogs but instead continuously making noise with their blogs hence learn nothing as a blogger.

2. FAKE EARNING BLOGGERSThis is very much common in this blogosphere. This has to do with bloggers who rarely make a cent with their blogs but instead go about bragging with respect to how much they make with their blogs only to go to other bloggers inbox pleading for financial supports.

I have seen such bloggers a lot in this blogosphere with lots of newbie bloggersfalling prey to their antics which at the end leaves them disappointed. Please do not believe everything you read or see. There are many fake earning screenshots bundling around.

3.THE LOW SELF CONFIDENT BLOGGERThis type of blogger hardly believes in himself. He believes whatever he sees online and falls for everything. Hence his confidence always depleted as he is always left disappointed at the end with his results. These types of bloggers are very much common in this blogosphere and if you’re like that, you obviously need to be smart.

4.THE ALL KNOWING BLOGGERIt is very rare to share knowledge with such a blogger as he claims to know everything but in reality, he is fumbling with the success of his blog. He brags a lot but has very little success with his blog.

5.THE SILENT AND MONEY MAKING BLOGGERThese are the bloggers you hardly hear of but they are the real ones making money with their blogsand shaking the blogging arena with their massive earnings. They are the ones I refer to as the humble ones and steady income generators. They are really lie- lowing and make the blogging arena a massive place to be with.

Your Turn Now the question is; what type of blogger are you?

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