How does Fact about Nigeria Country Looks like.

AdobeStock_200718364 How does Fact about Nigeria Country Looks like.

Nigeria is a Good Country in Deed provided we shake the table wisely in as much as recent happenings, leadership,church,tribes hudles etc., when we overheared our argumentative world we fixed our selves into based on catholic issues collecting tax or whatever in the church imposed in Rev. Father mbaka, collecting or not collecting inside the church my dear remember thesame Bible recorded the issue of Aninias on the money they derievd from land soled all are still desame church the Bible also concluded that shall not judged, have you wondered why such was said, the word is more deeper than you think, is not what you can stand up a day and star shaking the table.

This seems often to be a situation like how does the green color looks like, How did God himself came into an existence who made such existance to God, looking like a Rhetorical question but no solid and rated truth found rather than be ranting on one ideas to another,.

Nigeria is said to be the among top poorest and coruptable country, yes its not easy for a country to be known for a popularity because when a Two tortoise negotiate on any Issues there is always a loss in between the two parties.

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