How to Add Description and Title to your Blogspot Website

Hello KingsWeber? am here again to show you a simple tutorial on how to add blog title and descriptions to your blogspot hosted Websites .

Well this is an easy option , but will only be easy to those who have learnt it already that’s why we write both easy and complicated tutorials to help the beginners and newbies who are just in for bogging.

For those who aren’t active about my updates you can read my last posts below to get more insights about other areas of our posts.

Having done that, let me show you how you can add description and titles to your blogger websites.

Why You Need Titles And Descriptions

It’s been said that blog titles and descriptions are some of the Properties search engines uses to figure out your websites for effective crawls and this is what every blogger believe.

Apart from making search engine crawl your website with titles and descriptions , people who visits your websites will also know what your website is all about even at the first time of visit this is another cure reason every website is recommended to have a sharp and eye-catching description and title that fits the niche of the blog/website.

When Choosing description and title make them short and brief and very explanatory to make your readers and search engines grab them easily.

How to add titles and Descriptions to blogger Website

Adding descriptions and titles and titles to blogger websites can be done in more than one method but in this post am going to show you the easiest method while the send method is done editing your template i think that’s more complicated.

To add descriptions and titles , simply login your Blogger Admin Dashboard And select the option “LAYOUT” after that a new Windows will pop out showing your many gadgets just ignore other links and click on the “EDIT” blue color button usually at the right hand side of the HEADER SECTION

Adding Blogger description and Titles

Now a new page will show up with the space to add your website description and title as shown below!! .

ConfigureHeader How to Add Description and Title to your Blogspot Website

Now it’s your turn to write what ever you know that fits your website description and title . Don’t forget be specific and brief about them not just writing stories Just write your titles and description and save your settings

Normally ,the recommended description should be around 160 Characters while titles should be less than that. With the above, you have successfully added a new description and title to your blogspot website

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