How to add three additional extra digits to your phone number

add extra didgits to your mobile number

Perhaps you have been seeing some strange and unfamiliar mobile numbers on Facebook or other forums just imagine someone telling you to call him on 00923466100561 and you begin yo wander why must he use such number in Nigeria and it will still connect normal without any issue. add-to-your-phone-number-nigeria How to add three additional extra digits to your phone number

Today let me show you how you can also do that. This number is mostly used by only scammers. You call them and they pretend to be customer cares from other countries or your country and you may want to believe that of you aren’t a Tech guru after all you see 009 before the main number and you are convinced it is customer care number. There is nothing impossible with this mobile world we are now so beware of calls you attend to.I have stated how they Steal ATM card through BVN deceit here and that above number format was used.


There is no trick behind this we all know that Nigeria country code is +234 and let assume your mobile number is 09066100561 if you add your country code the first zero will be wiped away because +234 is equivalent to 0 it becomes +2349066100561

Now to add the three digits 009 before your number just remove the plus sign and replace it With the 009 and your number becomes 0092349066100561 this is because 009 is equivalent to +

Hope you see how simple it works (for those reading from other countries such as US, UK ,India, Ghana ,Kenya the rest you can try it with your country cods it may work on all country. Henceforth when all this so called hackers and scammers call you with such line don’t be surprised for you have know the trick behind it.

Trill your friends and callers when they say drop your number.but one thing you must note about this trick is that it can’t work if you want to call person I.e it will display your normal phone number whenever you call them but if they want to call you they will use the number you gave to them and when it will show up in your phone their normal number will be the one to show as usual.

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