How to become a successful blogger with or without writing skills

Blogging is one of the Labeled means to earn revenue online though it’s a long term investment according to Kennedy Prosper This is because you don’t earn from blogging as soon as it’s set up.

blogger-step1-1 How to become a successful blogger with or without writing skills

Many are willing to start blogging for various reasons but among all, the major set back on the majority has always been the issue of writing and publishing articles . Like i have stated in one of my blog posts , blogging is all about writing and without writing failure in blogging is inevitable therefore if you must emerge the climax of blogging success you must be a passionate writer as it has been before.

In this post am not going to show you how to write a blog post i believe you have learn how to write blog posts here in my previous article. Am only concerned now about those who can’t write but wants to be successful bloggers. I know it sounds funny but the only way you could achieve this is by spending some bulks to pay freelancers who can help you write the articles you need and to spend less you can offer me the job as my blog reader you have a promo for that (I will only charge you little) and write more. You can reach me on Facebook (Kennedy Prosper) you can also Whatsapp or call 2349066100561 or email me

Now back to discussion, having know the solution to blog without writing, You will also need to learn some blogging skills that will contribute to your blogging success please read the bellow list carefully.

Before i embark on my list it will please me to throw a bit light on the word “Blogging” Many people has misinterpreted it to be something else but what really is Blogging??

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In a lame man definition, Blogging is sharing ideas online (writing), Creating values and Making money from a good job done.

From the above definition , You must write articles not only articles but valuable ones as well . As a blogger the only thing you should be concerned about is how to create articles that will give your readers value and that’s why you must be good in analytics to know what your readers are concerned about and what they love most in order to satisfy them better. After creating value, you can then think about how to make money from your good job. Making money is the last thing to think about but many has made it first thereby making blogging difficult for themselves.

To be a successful Blogger You must consider bellow lists….

-Choose a Profitable Niche: I have writing about niche severally on this blog and you should have noticed that if you have been carefully following my blog , this is because A profitable niche plays the highest role in becoming a successful blogger.

You can read from bellow link from Efiokobong Ibanga’s own Point of view for more understanding about Choosing a profitable Niche in Blogging

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Do you wish to read other niche related articles from this blog? Just type the word “Niche in the search box at the top of this blog and make a search for more helpful niche related articles.

-Publish Helpful Articles: There are several ways to get articles publish on your blog , you can either pay someone to do it or you do it yourself. If you are blogging as a niche blogger like this blog then you need fresh and attractive articles to keep long term visitors to your blog

Yes you can still blog with copy and paste just like popular Linda Ikeji and others has been doing and you can still make money from it but you can’t be a niche blogger with copy and paste so if you think you don’t want to learn how to be unique it will be better you switch your niche to entertainment niche or others where you can just copy and paste news from other top news websites not bounded by the copyright law.

In Niche Blogging, Content is the king and every successful blogger in the field you may see today are practically found of doing it.

-Learn SEO : Let assume you have bypass other blogging success rules , but without having learnt about SEO then you have done nothing great even of you are relying on other traffic sources.

SEO on its own is very large and broad. You keep learning and learning until you are tired of learning but the key gist here is learn the core things to sustain your blog then leave the rest or continue learning that’s just the short code about SEO(Search engine Optimisation)

I never took Search engine optimization very serious because i was thinking it was too difficult to learn so i rather prefer to rely on other traffic source. But the bell of SEO as the best mean of traffic generation sounds all round the internet that i couldn’t ignore so i just have to pass through all the stress to learn it ones and for all which i really did without hesitation.

After all, i noticed that SEO is more than a University easy and difficult at the same time. There are many online platforms you can Learn SEO you can also use the Search box above to find the keyword SEO for a better search on related keywords and articles from this blog.

The Application of SEO to my blog entirely and every of my blog post has made a change in my traffic source ever since then and now the Highest traffic source of this blog is Search engine(Google).This is because i have learnt and become an expert of how to make use of it for effective result.

With a little practical about SEO i noticed that what is written about SEO online can never enough to get the traffic we want instead you will have to be technical about SEO as well. Do you think you don’t have much time to spend in reading and reading other blogs in search about SEO tactics ? Come let me teach you my simple SEO skills with little charges applied

.you won’t only learn it in a day with less stress but your blog will be used as a practical. Note am only specialised about Blogspot SEO and not WP so if your site is a blogger site you have no problem about SEO with me just feel free to get in touch.

Become as SEO expert, Make money from it, Build successful blog with it and work less but get more traffic.

-Be Socialized: You are now a blogger but others also need to know you from the blogosphere .to become a successful blogger, there is need to link with other bloggers and non bloggers as well let your presence be well known in the online world and this is the major reason i have always advised that you use your real name in all social networks especially Facebook and your blog as well instead of fudging some fetish names for yourself.

Let people know who you are and by your real identity not with fake names.

Now you have learnt some few skills to become a successful blogger hope you will put them into practice ? but before you exit this page for another read please read bellow tips to learn more..

  • 1-Some say blogging platform can temper your blogging success but i say it’s a lie. Your blogging success is not determined by your blogging host or platform i strongly believe that which ever host you blog on be it free or paid bogging success is sure and 100% guaranteed if only your can follow the blogging success rules and strategies
  • 2-Never say No to blogging because of less traffic . The only solution to poor blog traffic is WORK
  • 3-You can never be a successful Blogger if you aren’t ready to give value. you can’t be best if you don’t care about your readers ,and you can’t be best if you are money centered, you can’t be best if you can’t give your best, and finally lazy bloggers are gradually depreciating in Fame, Value and worth.
  • 4-Don’t blog because they are blogging , don’t blog because he has made it don’t blog because your can pay people to render services for you neither because you are rich but blog because you want to be a blogger.
  • 5-The value of blogging is not in the amount you earn but what your readers says about you

5-The value of blogging is not completed by its duration but by its donation. You don’t need many years to be a successful blogger. SEE YOU AGAIN.

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