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How to Change Facebook Date of Birth after Limit

After Changing Your Facebook Date of Birth over and over again you notice that you won’t be able to do that again having exceeded the limit to which date of birth can be changed . Because of this reason many Facebook users has left fake dates to be their date of birth but today am going to show you a very easy trick to Change your Facebook Date of birth unlimited.

change-facebook-date-of-birth How to Change Facebook Date of Birth after Limit

With this trick you can change it countless of times without having any ban or restriction from further changing,but before then let’s brows through our previous write ups perhaps they may be of good help to you.

Open this Link here to request for date of birth change. After that input your desired date of birth but in the space for the reasons you want to change your date of birth use bellow reason as your own reason.. you can just copy bellow.

“Hello, Someone hacked my account and changed my birthday. Can you please change my birthday.”

After that submit your request and you are done.

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