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How to Get unlimited Shares to your blog Articles

Do you want to promote your blog post to more readers? Are you wondering how to get your blog content shared all over the social media?

Creating quality content is important but it’s more important to make sure your content gets seen.

One thing is to write, another thing is to get reader and shares, but getting shares could be very complicated at times especially when your readers are not dedicated and are not ready to help your blog.

Share is a sign of development on your blog, shares will give access to new users and also make your site to be popular on social medias where your shares are allowed.While more shares are important for social proof and also showing authority many of my readers have been struggling with low share counts.

Getting shares entails some certain procedures you must follow and this are the things we are going to discuss in further write ups, please read carefully!!!


SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMISATION: For you to get shares to your blog post you must learn to optimize your posts for social media.

Your Facebook pages, groups and profiles should be properly utilized in order to make your shares reach a wide range of audience thereby increasing your shares!!

USER FRIENDLY IMAGES: Adding Images to posts is not only necessarily useful for SEO but it can also enhance shares as well. Don’t be surprise to know that some of your readers may likely share your posts just because of the attached images. Using interesting images should be your number one priority not just choosing anyhow images for your articles.

According to studies 75% of your clicks from shares on the social medias is as a result of the attached images. You can experiment this by simply sharing the same post twice just use an interesting image for one and live the other blank with just headline you will notice that the post with imaged will have the highest post.

AUTOMATE YOUR SHARES: Automating share means programing your posts in order share it on the programmed medias as soon as the post is updated. Allowing this automating feature will enhance easy share and it will increase your social media presence.

Automatic share of your post will bring more audience to view your blog and more readers more shares to articles.

TRACK YOUR SHARES: Tracking shares means to trace where your shares are coming from in order to know the areas of your concentration.

Let assume your share tracker shows that shares on Facebook social medias gets more clicks than other social medias and on Facebook the highest click also comes from group shares and not profile shares or pages, with that you will concentrate your shares more on groups to get more clicks , more audience and more shares from the audience as well.

COMPELLING TITLES: Titles are not left behind when talking of getting shares. your blog titles can attract users to share your post because they would also want their fellows to see such posts as well.

Let assume you have HIV and it has been clearly stated that HIV has no cure but on visiting a blog you found a headline like How to Cure HIV AIDS after going through the steps to cure AIDs as explained by the post author, you noticed that your illness is finally gone.I strongly believe you will go back to the same site to look for share button and even if it happens that you can’t find it you will copy the link to share with other HIV victims

In Adding to compelling titles, Writing unique and valuable articles as well will enhance quick shares from your blog readers.

EASY TO SHARE: To get more shares from your readers, your share button must be visible by every user. One of the fatal mistake web designers or developers do is bidding the share buttons for only PC or mobile users

When building your website make sure your share buttons are easily seen by all users to enable easy access to share. it takes only dedicated users of your blog to find share buttons others will just live if the buttons are not properly disclosed.

If you make your share buttons visible for only PC users definitely you are telling mobile users that you don’t have share buttons on your site and you know that 85% of most blog readers are from mobile, therefore it’s advisable you make your share buttons for both mobile and PC users to get more shares

ENCOURAGE TO SHARE: Encouraging your readers to share is another great strategy through which you can get shares to your blog posts. Having written a solution article you can use some enticing words at the end of your Post e.g

  • Please share this post if you love it
  • Don’t read alone please share with others
  • Your share could be of great help to other don’t be greedy
  • Sharing is caring please share with others
  • Share this post on Facebook , twitter ,Google+ etc to promote us please

and many more…..

The keywords you use in enticing your readers to share depends on your own understanding and what works for you , you can find as many enticing words you can just to make sure you get share through this method. Enticing readers to share have alot to do if only you can use it well , but most of all writing unique contents is the best way to entice them to share because most readers only share what they love.

Have you been getting plenteous shares to your articles , what really is your secrete to getting shares please your ideas will be cordially useful. we are waiting for your contribution via the comment section.

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