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How to know online scammers and how to avoid been scammed online

Have you ever be a victim of online scam. ? how do you feel when someone takes your money right in your own eyes without rendering any service as promised. how-to-avoid-been-scammed-online2BScam-alert-1 How to know online scammers and how to avoid been scammed online

Scamming is done both online and offline but i must say 80% are from online. I have met people who told me to teach them illegal ways to make money online and they are curious about it but trust me am not a scam and can never be a scam though i know many fraudulent ways to make better income online but i will neither be an entrant in such act or teach any body such ways

If you want to be a scammer then i will suggest you look up to someone else to be your coach. We only teach real and legit ways to make money online here and if you think they are too hard then look for quick ways but always remember that all that glitters are not gold but all gold glitters A friend was nagging bitterly on. Facebook of been scammed this evening by an online scammer whom i won’t mention here.

Well, that you are scammed is not because you are foolish just like many people think ,but you are not. When it comes to online deals anybody can be scammed but you have to be wise like a serpent.

To be sincere i have never be scammed online not even for ones despite the fact there have many scammy chances i have came across this i not because am wiser than you that is scammed but because am more vigilant than you.I this post am going to show you some methods through which you can avoid online scam both in Nigeria and Abroad


Ways ATM card details can be stolen online

Have Cvv2 and how to get your card cvv2


somebody just fudged some mails and sent to you like “congratulations you have successfully made a sale please click here at confirm payment ” and you too will go on to click when you can vividly remember you haven’t signed up for any affiliate program. In the first place why on earth will you heed to such links and most of this links at the end will probably ask for your credit card details to get payment

Be careful with such links they arealla scam. if really you joined an affiliate program and you made a sale the email should include your username e.g “Hey Kennedy3453 you have successfully made a sale on your jumia affiliate you can click here to login your dashboard ” This is because you are a registered member so they know your name. Don’t give put your credit card on any site before you do make sure the site is popular and trusted .


This happen mostly to new bloggers who are looking for a way to make money referring or affiliating. You want to make money and you go on to join a Referal program you can’t find it’s name on Facebook or other social media, A site without the about us ,No aim and no contact page and you want then to be real lol

Just imagine you joining a Referal program that will give you 25$ sign up bonus and 10$ for every person you referred just to register …ahhhh you are not wise at all why not ask yourself questions like ” What is there gain and the what is my gain?” The people am referring how do they benefit all you want is the big money sorry because you won’t get it.

Most of this sites will just promise you awoof prices and at the end of the task they will use you to fill their surveys ,instead of you making money they make from you* what a waste of time and energy*

For affiliate programs i will say any affiliate program that promise you more than 10% is a scam. Join them that have vision .


Maybe you friend just referred you on Facebook or other medias all you have to do before joining the program fully is to make research, Get in touch with those who have already tested the service already .

You can update you Facebook status e.g Is Wealthy affiliate scam or legit Is coolNaira scam or legit you can also use the above keys in your Google search and you will surely get some reviews about the service and from the gathered reviews you can tell wither to join or not.

The Reason why many online users fall for scam is because they don’t do researches before jumping into any program. First a legit network must have a Facebook page or group ,find them on Facebook with your research listen to what people says and you will get to know the best.


You can search online for many online scam alert websites on Google to join so that you can be getting new updates direct to your email or contact details in case of newly lunched or existing scam Websites. e.g


If you have met those who are trusted online you can make them your mentors , They will guide you on what to buy ,when to buy, and what not not buy. You can get the best product from them with 100% sure and scam free such online trusted individuals must be on your bookmark for advice , purchase and inquiries.

This is because these person may have experience than you do maybe because they have spent many years online and they may have tested that thing you called new so they may be of great help to avoiding online scam.


Just imagine a message just landed on your phone telling you that you have won 600,000 bonus from Etisalat when you are using MTN lol and they may ask you for some security codes or even some relevant informations and you foolishly give them out because you want to claim what is not yours .

At the end of the whole issue they say pay so so so amount to clear the money to your account and bla bla bla and before you know it you are scammed


He says he lives in Ghana,India, USA etc but you doubted only for you to see a call on your cell phone with the proposed country code and now you are beginning at believe him forgetting we are in the Tech age where anything is possible.

Someone in Nigeria can call you with US or other country codes and you easily believe them. scammers are wise you too gat to be wise. Like they say if the birds have learnt to fly without perching even the hunters will learn how to shoot without missing


This will make you fall for scammers because you need it urgent and you want the awoof. Someone says wait till next week let me work things out but another come out and say i have them in millions i can even give you bonus. now you don’t want to wait for the real man before you know it you are scammed.

Scammers have anything you need , they have Google AdSense for UK ,US ,NIG and all they countries in the world ,they have Coupon codes to any hosting sites ,They have Facebook pages of 1000billion likes and members lol they have Facebook logins name them in fact they have everything.

Make a request for anything they will tell you they have it but one way to know them is that they are too curious to get the money. They can chat you call you and pester you to pay. But the real man is always calm wither you pay or not his product remains with him.

You are too curious to get traffic and that scammer has come to notice you all he did is to go snap some fake shots of huge page views and claim he own someone’s else site. Because you need it demn bad he sold a fake eBook to you in the name of ” How i get 10 million page views in a day” and you want to get same because it’s only your site that’s in the internet. Beware!!!

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