How to show Blogger Posts By Labels

Display Blogger post from particular label,show recent posts from particular blogger label

It’s commonly Known that in Blogger, Articles are only Displayed Randomly from all labels or blogger Categories. e.g Blogger recent posts, blogger latest posts, blogger most popular posts and others. all of the above mentioned blogger widgets show post randomly from all blogspot labels.

76812292-1 How to show Blogger Posts By Labels

With your Little Understanding am here to add more knowledge to it again today by showing you how to display blogger post from Particular label/category instead of the usual random display from all labels

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Let asume You want to show your readers only posts ralatin to “how to make money online in Nigeria” and from the same website you have created other non Related articles, With this tip on how to show blogger post from particular blogger labels you can easily show post under the make money online labels while other post exists on the website they will be hidden for the main time based on your purpose.

This Widget you are about to learn how to add to your blogger site don’t just show post titles but display post title and thumbnails. It’s also easy to Install on like other widgets where you will need to edit Template codes in addition the code is easy to customize.

Without Time waste follow below steps carefully to learn how to show post only from Particular blogger labels

How to Display Posts Only From Particular Blogspot Label/Category

Login Your Blogger Admin Dashboard As Usual

Click On Layout And Select Add Gadget based on the area you want to show your posts

Blogger-recent-post-gallery-2 How to show Blogger Posts By Labels

Select HTML Widget from the list

Recent-post-blogger-image-gallery-2 How to show Blogger Posts By Labels

Now Copy below blogger Post Label Code and Add the code to your HTML Widget area as shown below

Recent-post-blogspot-gallery-code-widget-2 How to show Blogger Posts By Labels

(You can give it any title based on your specification) : but before You save Your Code and settings Modify Your code with below instructions:

Here Is the Code

To Choose the Label Name on which you want its posts to be displayed from your code Change the text YOURLABELHERE to the name of the label You want to show its posts.

To change height and width of image in widget change the value

height: 72px;width : 72px ;

To change the image that appears when there is no image in post change the image URL in blue with your image URL

http://3.bp.blogspot. com/-zP87C2q9yog/ UVopoHY30SI/AAAAAAAAE5k/ AIyPvrpGLn8/s1600/ picture_not_available.png

To change the number of posts that appears in widget change the value in blue

var numposts = 5 ; I.e 5 can be any number depending on how many posts you want to show

Having modified Your code Save Your Code and settings.

Now You are Done: You have successful added a new widget to your Blogger site which will show your post according to labels.

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