How to transfer airtime from one Airtel line to Another using ME2U service

Sometimes we just have to do airtime transfer just for conveniences especially when we have enough airtime in our phone and we are in areas where getting recharge vouchers are difficult.In such areas your important person may just call you for airtime credit but because you can’t get vouchers transfer becomes the irresistible alternative. how-to-add-your-website-to-airtel-free-basics-2 How to transfer airtime from one Airtel line to Another using ME2U service

When a new sim is purchased (Airtel sim) the first thing that should come your mind is Activating the Airtel me2U service…to enable you get your 4 digits transfer pin to use for transfer when needed.

Airtel me2U enables you to transfer airtime credit from any Airtel to Airtel line Via SMS (No USD code) With Airtel me2U you can transfer the minimum of 50Naira and the maximum of 5000naira here in Nigeria.without time waste let me briefly show you how to activate the Airtel me2U to for airtime transfer.


First when you get your new sim you will have a default (original password) which is 1234 and for you to use this service you will have to change the default code to any one of your change this default code simply follow bellow steps.

To change your Me2U password, send the SMS command, “PIN [space] 1234 [space] New Password” to 432 I.e it should look like .PIN 1234 3453 then send it as SMS to 432. and you will receive a notification message that your password has been changed to 3453

With the above you have successfully changed your Me2U password from the default (1234) to a new one(3453) and you are now ready to do transfer.


To transfer from one Airtel sim to another use bellow command

2u [space] Airtel Number [space] Amount [space] PIN to 432 which should be in this format

2u 07089426677 100 3453 and send it to 432

you will receive another notification that you have transferred 100naira to 07089426677

Don’t forget that the transfer in ME2U is irreversible so you have to watch carefully the phone number you are transferring the Airtel to in order to avoid mistakes just like it has ones happened to me.

Before you transfer make sure you have enough credit with additional airtime of 10naira I.e if you have 100 naira you can’t transfer the whole amount you are having you can only transfer 90naira to remain 10naira in your main account.

Hope you can now transfer on Airtel in Nigeria !!Good luck as you enjoy the me2u service for free

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