Glo Latest Plan for Activating and Deactivating Codes in 2019 Now available.

Over the years, Glo has been championing the data volume game, offering huge data volume at lower prices.

This fact is confirmed when you compare Glo datavolume with the data volume offered by other networks. It is no surprise that their night data is also championing the night data game.

Glo offers huge data volumes to subscribers who desire to surf the net with extremely low-cost.

Glo night plan offers 1GB of data for 200 Naira and 3GB of night data for 500 Naira.

As the name suggests, the data offered in this plan can only be used at night, between the hours of 12am and 5am, that’s 5 hours every night.

Unlike the 1GB plan that is stipulated to be renewed daily, the 3GB night plan for 500 Naira last’s for 7 days, but you only be able to use the data every day, 7 days in a week between the hours of 12am and 5am.

This article contains a list of codes to be used when activating and deactivating Glo night plan service. The deactivation code is useful in scenarios where night plan is set on auto renewal.

Note:Glo doesn’t require you migrate to any special tariff plan to gain access to their night plan service, it is available to Glo subscribers on all traiffs.

Glo Night Plan Activation and Code 2019

*.Dial*127*60#or send60 to 127via SMS to activate 1GB night plan for 200 Naira

*.Dial*127*61#or send61 to 127via SM

There you have it, a complete and comprehensive list of Glo night plan activation and deactivation codes.

To subscribe to any of the plans, simply dial any of the codes provided in this article.

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