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Important Ways for Non-Removable Battery Users

tecno_wx4-specs-nonremovablebattery Important Ways for Non-Removable Battery Users

Ever since the launch of non-removable batteries, I have received a lot of complaints from fellas regarding one problem or the other.

Nevertheless, In this post, we’re going to review 5 important things you should know if you are using a Device With a non-removable battery or you’re planning to buy one.

1. What To Do When Your Device Freezes (Starts Hanging)

In a normal device when this happens you can simply remove your battery and put it back, everything will be OK after that. Unfortunately for those of you using phones with non-removable batteries, it’s like a bad dream.
There are 2 types of Freezing

A. Hard Freeze – This is when your device, Freezes for over 10 minutes without responding.

Solution: Simply soft reboot the phone by holding the volume +, volume down and power button at the same time for about 30 seconds. Your device should reboot and unfreeze.

B. Soft Freeze – This is just a temporarily freeze

Solution: Just drop the phone for some minutes it should unfreeze after some minutes When it unfreezes quickly clear all the apps you’ve been running and reboot the phone.

2. How To Handle Overheating

Since you can’t remove the battery and allow the phone to cool. The best solution is to place your phone on a cold surface (please not inside a freezer or refrigerator). You may place it on a cold sachet of water. After some minutes your phone should be cool as ice.

3. What To Do When Phone refuses to turn on

This can be really scary but it can be handled. Hold the power button for about a minute or 2 if your phone is still working you it’ll come on. If it doesn’t well try charging it.

4. Your Phone Is Charging Slowly

In this case, I think you should check your cable or adapter. The source which your phone is connected to also matters so check them and don’t forget to off your data for an effective, long lasting charge.



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