My Networking Online business plan you must learn_Double your online income

Every day new online business keep coming up but one thing you must not forget is that among the many scammy ones are more than the legit ones. Many of you are so unfortunate to have joined many scammy online money making schemes thereby making you believe money can’t be made online and drawing a conclusion that all online business are fraud.

online-networking-business-plan My Networking Online business plan you must learn_Double your online income

Hey you gat to stop that trash of thought. one thing that makes you fall for such schemes is not because of the scheme, but because of you and your unresearched act. Before you venture any online business why not ask yourself questions like what do others say about them? for how long has they been existing? how popular and truthful are they ? and who has joined before “what was their experience in the game” ?

With the correct answers and research on the above headlines you will be able to be a detective to any fraudulent online money making schemes. I have never fall victim for any of such online money making schemes before with all sincerity, but i had many chances to. the only reason why i can’t become a victim is because i do my research properly with the above listed headlines before making moves

In one of my previous posts i wrote about How you can identify online scammers and avoid them(just and idea derived from other victims but very helpful) but in this post am not here to show you that again rather am here to let you know that if you have been hearing of online businesses like

  • Crowdrising
  • Icharity
  • Ultimate Cycler
  • helping revolution
  • MMM org
  • Zafund
  • 500naira
  • Coolnaira and many more

For now don’t ever say any of the above schemes are false, they are all real.Though am not a member of all the networking sites but i have used coolnaira, 500naira and many more and now am currently using MMM and #Crowdrising which i personally think is the best anyone could think of joining.


Let me draw a plan for only the business minded ones reading this post. 19th of November when i joined #CR I was having 15k in my online Account (i mean the bank account i use for online deals).having learnt about the scheme i took some hrs to do research about it to know wither they are true or false having learnt how legit they are i removed 7,400 from the 15k to start the scheme because that was the level1 upgrade fee.

In less than 48hrs my money was back in two folds so i waited for more payments which i received . king333 My Networking Online business plan you must learn_Double your online income

onlinenetworkingbusinessplans My Networking Online business plan you must learn_Double your online income

After that my account was reading 40k plus so i gat to withdrew 14,800 naira again from the money because my level1 was over that money was to upgrade to level2. But even after withdrawing that amount hope you know i still have enough!! So I upgraded to level2 leve2 My Networking Online business plan you must learn_Double your online income

And in few days time i get two payments 14,800×2 (note nothing like pending donations the money in crowd rising is paid directly to your account by your uplines”) before then i have already created order on MMM waiting for the money to comeI immediately withdrew 20k and invested it on MMM now my 7,400 has turned me to a business man still going.

In few days time i couldn’t wait for the whole level2 payments so i upgraded to level3 .

stage3 My Networking Online business plan you must learn_Double your online income

Because i wanted to be ahead of my down lines so that when they want to pay they will meet me their +trust me thats how we roll .(level3 upgrade fee was 22,200 naira) which i paid few days ago and now am still hoping to collect my money in double folds because my level2 payments was not over so i will sit gently in the level3 to receive all my remaining level2 and level3 payments. Don’t dull this is a great opportunity for making money some of you are even bloggers who supposed to have the best applicable strategies and you are here looking for kobo kobo from all this petty ads networks that can only buy you groundnuts and pure water .

Read through what i did again watch my plans and draw yours the same way use your 7,400 get some cash , invest the cash on MMM and you are good to go. your money is there growing on MMM and you are still getting more money on #CR its just a plan you shouldn’t fail.

Let me tell you, I have been blogging for quite long now there are times you are just frustrated especially when you are applying for Google AdSense and they are rejecting you lol only God knows some have even quite blogging because they can’t make money.

You can join this scheme even if you are a non blogger but being a blogger will be advantageous (the bloggers know what i mean) hope you didn’t see any ads on this site? but does that mean am not making money but mind you i haven’t applied for Google AdSense am waiting for my payoneer Master Card before we applying so as to get my payment without waste of any time yet i still use the above schemes to make cool money.


This is the best reason why this networks are good it only need your registration details , a phone or computer with chrome or Firefox browser , Your bank account and your upgrade fee after that you are done.

But before you join i will advice you learn how the scheme works if it pleases you then join but if not don’t join …I have some official videos and questions already answered please read here

After reading how it works don’t join just get back to me with the contact details embedded on the above page. i will highlight you on how to join . Am off for now and i think i have dropped a good guidelines to make money online especially for the wise ones who don’t want to waste any opportunity ((((expecting you if you are interested to join ))) the ball has been passed to you, play it the way you want Good day I still remain Kennedy Prosper

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