Simple way to End Watsapp Group media from filling your gallery.

Regardless of the type of smartphone you are using and the default internal storage, Instant messaging app like WhatsApp and Facebook is what is filling up your media space. Everybody uses WhatsApp messengerbut not everybody understands the in and out of the instant messaging app. Many people don’t turn off media auto download in WhatsApp […]

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Smart Way to Revoke Face ID Access For Apps

Face ID is a great addition to iPhone and iPad, and it still feels like magic every time it works. But, just like Touch ID before it, you may need to prevent apps from using it Here’s how to do that. If you’ve permitted a third-party app to use Face ID as its authentication mechanism, […]

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Lenovo Unveils Google Assistant Smart Clock and Alexa Tablet with Dock

At CES 2019, Lenovo has introduced two new smarthome products: the Smart Clock with Google Assistant and the Smart Tab with Alexa. The former is sort of a mini version of the company’s existing Smart Display, while the latter is a tablet and Echo Show in one. The Smart Clock has a 4-inch display and […]

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Huawei MateBook 13: A Sleek 13-Inch Ultrabook in a 12-Inch Body

We rounded out the first day at CES 2019 with a trip to Huawei’s booth. The Chinese company had announced the new MateBook 13 less than 24 hours earlier, and we wanted to check it out. The first thing struck us was how gorgeous the device looked. With a sleek and stylish sandblasted cover, the […]

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How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Home Security Camera

Setting up a simple home security camera is a sure way to monitor your house when you’re not around. A dedicated system is great, but economically, you can use an old, spare smartphone that you have around. Notwithstanding, you can also purchase an indoor camera that is actually made for such purpose. For example, we […]

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Google Launches Doodle for Google 2019

Google has launched its Doodle for Google contest for 2019. The theme for Doodle for Google 2019 is, “When I grow up, I hope…”, with kids across the United States invited to take part. The ultimate prize being pride of place on the Google homepage. A Brief History of Doodle for Google Doodles have been […]

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How to Change Suggested Videos On YouTube

You must have noticed that after a video ends on YouTube, a grid appears on your screen showing you suggested videos that you might be interested in watching. YouTube automatically chooses these suggestions, as per your browsing history, quality and the popularity of videos among the audience. You will also see suggested videos on your […]

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Important Ways for Non-Removable Battery Users

Ever since the launch of non-removable batteries, I have received a lot of complaints from fellas regarding one problem or the other. Nevertheless, In this post, we’re going to review 5 important things you should know if you are using a Device With a non-removable battery or you’re planning to buy one. 1. What To […]

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10 Video Sites That Are Better Than YouTube

There’s little doubt that YouTube is one of the best video sites in the world. And the most popular YouTube videos have racked up billions of views. But what if YouTube happens to be inaccessible? Or you simply want more options for viewing videos online? What alternative video sites are there? These days, video is […]

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Lenovo Z5 Pro GT Debuts With Snapdragon 855 And 12GB RAM

Lenovo has introduced a bigger model of the Lenovo Z5 Pro smartphone. The phone features a similar design with the original but carries an improved chipset, bigger RAM and a more stunning body design. The Lenovo Z5 Pro GT is indeed built for speed as the phone have the highest score on Atutu benchmark chart. […]


Top 5 smartphones of 2018 that are totally worth your money

pick of the year’s most impressive and fun phones, from OnePlus 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to Google Pixel 3 and Apple’s iPhone XS ① The OnePlus 6T OnePlus released the US$530 OnePlus 6 back in May, but at this point, you should really be considering the company’s latest smartphone, the OnePlus 6T, which […]


Android L Will Keep Your Secrets Safer

Happy Sunday from Software Expand! In this week’s edition of Feedback Loop, we talk about the future of Windows Phone, whether it makes sense to build media centers discuss the preferences for metal vs. plastic on smartphones. All that and more past the break the proof of concept can make. Just because you can do […]

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How to download YouTube videos for free

Downloading videos from YouTube means you can watch them without an internet connection, which is ideal for keeping yourself entertained on planes, trains, and trips to places without reliable 4G or Wi-Fi. Downloading videos is also great if you have a mobile plan with a limited data allowance. You can download them to your phone […]

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How to Free Up Space on an Android Phone

One of the most common problems with Android smartphones is running out of space. Who has not had the problem where they could not download a photo or video from Whatsapp because the phone did not have enough memory? One solution is to buy an SD card with more capacity, but it is also possible […]

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How to make your WhatsApp work with USA number

There are several ways to reach this goal. We will provide all of them and it’s up to you to choose which you like best of all or which of them is the most effective for you. Check out all of them and then make your final choice. 1. Primo App • Download the Primo […]

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How to watch DStv without a decoder

Did you know you can watch DStv without a decoder? You don’t need to take anything on holiday with you except your smartphone, tablet or laptop and have the DStv Now app installed. Watch all your usual DStv channels from literally anywhere, and never miss an episode or live sports – all you need is […]

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How to Make More Money With Google Rewards

Want to get apps, games, movies, TV shows, and books for free on Google Play? Then it’s time to use the Google Opinion Rewards app, a mobile survey tool that rewards you with cash in your Google account every time you complete a brief survey. With over 10 million installs, this is a popular app, […]

How To Stream Live Matches On Facebook For Free

How To Stream Live Matches On Facebook For Free

How To Stream Live Matches On Facebook For Free Watching live matches online has been made quite easy since the availability of free stream apps and websites. Only a few people still know that they can actually streaming a full match on Facebook for free. Facebook as a social media site is now taking over […]

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