Pro SEO tips to boost your search engine optimization for 2017/2018

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronyms for search engine optimization which simply means the ability for search engines such as Google, Bing etc to crawl and index your web pages.

blogger_Seo Pro SEO tips to boost your search engine optimization for 2017/2018


If the importants of search engine optimization over your blog should be properly listed i strongly believe this post may be too lengthy to read which i don’t really like and that’s why you see all my posts average because i want to keep my readers flowing.

The core of SEO is to gain organic traffic (traffic from search engines) you can learn more about the uses and functions of SEO via Google search engine if you are a novice to this stuff. ***************

They say SEO is the key to success as far as blogging is concerned and yet many still don’t know how to get this SEO stuff working

Sincerely speaking, SEO is a university on its own. like I usually say , the study of SEO(Search engine optimisation) is unlimited. You only know about that which you have learnt after which the rest will be left over. The application of one can bring about a positive effect to the others. more informatively, they work hand to hand.

Having discussed so much about the issue of SEO being the key to every successful blogger, am still going to show you more tips to increase your search engine ranking and to make your blog come to Google first page and among these tips are listed bellow!!!


WRITE AT LENGTH: The truth is that not all posts need lengthy write ups but many bloggers most especially the newbies have formed the habit of writing short tail blog posts, and this will only reduce your Search ranking

Google in particular love long tail blog posts, so if only you can form the habit of writing at length you will gain more advantages over your SEO

SEO deals with the keywords that are found in your post only. now come to think of it, if you and a friend is to write an article on the same headline and your friend made his/her write up to 2,000 words but you managed to write just 300 words. Did you know that your friend may likely get more search result on that particular post than you?

The reason is because in his plenteous write ups lies plenitude keywords as well. so learn to write at length when you are in position to do so. If you haven’t learnt to write in details you can refer to my posts bellow. ********* *********

MIND BROKEN LINKS: If you are the type of blogger that neglect the presence of broken links on your websites/blogs, you will only be a victim of low search ranking in the sense that broken links affect Google and other search engine results. As a result of this, you must mind broken links as a blogger who is aiming the best for his blog.

There are certain ways through which you can mind the presence of broken links on your blog and some of them are:

  • Avoid Switching of templates/themes too often:- when you change a new template you may likely get some broken links, therefore if you know that you won’t have time to fix broken links in you blog i will advice you stick to one theme/template.

    Changing theme/templates will not only affect your SEO due to broken links that may be recorded but i will also let you know that your ranking may reduce when a new theme is changed because you may not be able to re_embed all the SEO properties from the former theme to the new one

  • Switching posts:- In bloggers/blogspot precisely, links are formed based on label names or titles. Now if you move your post from one place to the other or somehow change the title and label of the post , the link might likely change as well and if that happens it will result to broken links on where ever you have interlinked it before the switch over.

    Advice:-Try editing your theme if any changes are made to correct every broken links

EXCHANGE LINKs: Having known that backlink is a good SEO factor, try to exchange your links.

You can do this by negotiating with fellow bloggers to link to you will you do likewise to them or you can also submit your site link to directories online

THE SOCIAL MEDIA: This should be the greatest traffic source of almost every blogger after Search engine. But today revise is even the case to many blogger they get their largest traffic from social medias that’s enough to let you know how crucial the social media could be when properly utilised.

Sharing your articles on social medias will open doors for more popularity and also enhance back links

Utilising the social media does not only entails the popular Facebook and twitter but try others as well e.g the LinkedIn, whatsapp, Google+, Binu, nimbuzz, badoo, friM and many more on your list

FOLLOW THE CORE: The last on my list is what i titled follow the core. there are certain SEO rules which i call the primary stage. There is no way you can achieve the search success without passing through the primary stage of SEO which are

  • Choose SEO friendly domain
  • Submitting your site/sitemap to search engines e.g Google
  • Do all the necessary SEO set ups for your new blog.
  • Write for readers and search engines

With the above, you will be able to conquer search engine optimization challenges for both your new and old blogs without spending a thine.

NOTE: if you can conquer the fight of search engine optimization you have made your ways prosperous as a blogger. You will work less and get more I.e even if you don’t write or update your blog over a long period of time you will keep getting traffic. Fight a good fight for your blog.

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