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Reasons Why Google AdSense may be displaying strange websites on site list

I just woke up to check my Google AdSense report only for me to be seeing some strange websites on my Google AdSense site lists. And i tried to remove them but could no avail adsenceaprovalguild Reasons Why Google AdSense may be displaying strange websites on site list

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I begin to wander if someone has gotten access to my AdSense account but another though struck my mind like “even if he/she get access to my account the earning still remains mine so i see no reason why someone should be serving my ads on his/her website and increasing my earning for free

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So i was tempted to click on some of the links i saw on my site but nothing was all i saw. I.e there was no AdSense ads displayed on any of the sites. It was like an horror movie but i was still apply because i still have full control on my AdSense control panel but the thought of going against AdSense policies could not let me be so i went ahead to do some researches to know why my AdSense is displaying other sites which am not in control of and bellow are the reasons i got from my research please read them all they may help you too.


Problem One: You can see a unknown site name, or some garbage link in your adsense site performance report, if you or anybody else had forward your webpage with adsense ad, in some E-mail client.

Problem Two: This can happen due to improper iFrame redirect. If improper iframe is implemented on a site, than a Ad form the nested site can show the impression, and thus the site name can be seen the AdSense site performance report.

Problem Three: You can see the name of the site (link) who serves your content from their own domain . For example: google translate may show your translated content from google domain, and thus result in impression.

nProblem Four: You can see some site link or blog link in you adsense site performance report, if a site owner / publisher or blogger is copy pasting your site (website) content (with adsense code/ad) and publishing on their site or blog. Thus the link of the site or blog with duplicate content can show ad impressions, into your adsense site performance report.

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If you come to see yourself as a victim of the above inscription and you couldn’t find solution or rather you are not the author of the confusion ,just chill and watch while your AdSense rocks because you have no query against AdSense policies since you have done nothing wrong.

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