Reasons Why your AdSense earning remain stagnant while your clicks increase

You keep checking your Google AdSense daily but all you could see is the earning from CPM,Impressions and the rest your clicks earning remain stagnant while clicks keep increasing. if you are facing this same problem highlighted above it will affect your earning negatively since the clicks is the most crucial aspect where more earning is generated.

According to AdSense support there are three main reasons why your AdSense clicks increase without increase in earning But this morning am going to show you possibly more than three reasons from my own observation (the additional points) but before you continue reading you should also read my previous post on

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1-Authorisation settings Out of 10 reasons why your clicks don’t count 8 may be from your settings. The Google AdSense authorisation settings allows you to either pick out the sites you want to show ads or make it default I.e let is general by showing ads on any site. To check your authorisation settings kindly follow bellow steps how-to-activate-google-adsense-authorisation-settings Reasons Why your AdSense earning remain stagnant while your clicks increase

With the above steps you have turn on your settings all you have to do is click on the sites you want to show ads and authorise them

But if you want your ads to show on all sites you should leave the settings turned off and also don’t authorise any site from your site lists which you see on the page

2-Invalid Clicks Another reason while publishers earning may not count is as a result of invalid clicks or impressions from the site owners. AdSense has Strictly warned against invalid clicks on your ads Therefore any act against AdSense policies of invalid click will not only stagnant your earning but also may lead to your account been banned .

You can read more about click and what it really means according to Google AdSense official website.

3-Your AdSense is banned When your AdSense account is banned as a result of violating their policies your earning is likely to remain stable till you have resolved the issue. Before complaining about your AdSense earning not counting according to clicks make sure your AdSense is up running and working fine without any diminishing official reports.

4-Displaying CPM Ads AdSense pays publishers for cost per clicks and cost per miles so if you display a CPM ads you may likely see some sluggish increase in earning because CPM pays less. They pay as low as $0.50 for each 1000 impressions of an ad

All Google AdSense clicks are counted provided they are termed valid so make sure you protect your AdSense by not going against there policies and terms of usage . follow the above procedures and you will surely see changes . Note that your settings and changes which you make may take up to 48hrs before showing up so after making some changes in your settings it is advisable you wait since the results may not be instant.Good luck !!! Please don’t forget to share with others

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