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Solution when your gmail confirmation email message is not clickable on opera

This has happened to me time without numbers. just imagine after register you will get a confirmation message like

“Kennedy a confirmation mail has be sent to your Email please login to confirm your account in order to continue registration” or what ever confirmation-email-not-ckickable-on-opera Solution when your gmail confirmation email message is not clickable on opera

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Only for you to login your email as instructed and clicked on the confirmation mail , instead of you to see a ckickable link you will see a non hyper text like “Click here to confirm your account “ whereas it’s not ckickable.

This really pains me especially when i don’t know how to fix it and when the registration is crucial to me. in most cases i will have to swift browsers because one of the cause of the problem is the use of opera mini browser.

Such confirmation messages are sent with HTML format thereby making it difficult to see the links on opera been a low and non upgraded browser. This problem is caused by opera like i have stated above and the solution to this problem is not only the switch of browsers but there are three ways to fix the issue when your confirmation email messages are not clickable.

The Use of Gmail app

: If you have the gmail app running on your phone after getting the message just open your email on gmail app instead of login directly online you will see everything as normal as it supposed to be

The Use of Other browsers’

Like i have sated above if opera is the cause of the problem then you will have to login your email of other browses e.g the Google chrome, Firefox etc click on the confirmation message and you will see it as normal as it supposed to be.

Opera In Gmail view.

Yes o this particular solution is what i prefer because in most cases i use opera mini bundle and that means i can’t login my apps or Use other browsers aside the opera min. So you will have to switch your gmail to pc version If your gmail is opened in PC version even with your opera you will be able to see the message in a clear format.

Though i have discussed previously how to view gmail PC version on mobile phone but am going to state it again here for the sake of this tutorial.

To view your gmail pc version on your mobile phone with opera mini browser just login the email from the opera first after that click on bellow link and you will be taken to the pc version of your gmail

Now just navigate to your inbox and select your confirmation message and you will see it will become clickable instead of ordinary click here text or what ever.and the gmail message will even become more appealing in the sense that you will see some other properties of the email which aren’t viewable with opera mobile version

Hope with the above you can now fix the problem of Your confirmation link not clickable!!! Hope to see you read our next tutorial thanks.

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