How Facebook Finally Start a Work On LoL being another Hub for Teens.

There’s no denying the fact
that Facebook is struggling
to attract teenage
smartphone users in large

Its recent attempts like
Lasso, Watch, or Lasso were either
half-baked or they didn’t turn out
to be much effective. Still, it seems
that Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t given

According to a report from
TechCrunch, Facebook is secretly
working on another video-based
product that’ll target a young
audience. Called LOL, this special feed
will feature funny videos and GIFs;
it’s currently being tested with 100
high school users with their
parent’s consent.

The report states that all the content
will be divided into different
categories: Animals, Fails, For You,
Pranks. It’s possible that this new
meme hub will get its content from
different popular meme pages
flourishing on Facebook.

At the moment, LOL is being tested as
a replacement of Facebook Watch
inside the app. However, it’s not
clear if the final product will be a new
s standalone app or it’ll find some
other place inside the existing
Facebook app.

From the outside, LOL sounds like
another desperate effort from
Facebook to lure teens who are
regular users of Snapchat, TikTok, or

Is it going to be another bust? What

are your thoughts?

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